YP Math Foundation

Employer Identification Number- 47-1386604

501c3 Pending

Mission Statement

The Corporation is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, scientific and educational purposes. The primary goal of the organization is to help raise funds from alumni, foundations and other sources to support the operational costs of the Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics program, which is a summer math program for talented youth at Hampshire College (the “Program”).
Address: 1034 N Wells St, Chicago, Il 60610
Telephone: (510) 969-YP17 || (510) 969-9717
E-mail: ypmf-board@ypmathfoundation.org


YP Math Foundation is a non-member organization run by a self-perpetuating board of directors. The term of a director is one year and renewable. The YP Math Foundation is currently incorporated in Illinosis and currently applying for 501c3 designation.

Board of Directors

  • Lenore J. Cowen - Director and President
  • Paul J. Karafiol - Director and Secretary
  • Ming Jack Po - Director and Treasurer